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System Integration

In addition to the payment and risk & compliance solutions, there are many things that we are capable to help acquire new customers, retain current customers, improve system efficiency, reduce operating cost, and customize solutions based on clients' unique requirements.

BI platform 3.jpg

Business Intelligence Platform

BI platform powered dashboard provides quick insights and advanced sales reports to know your business and competitors better, capturing the market trends and consumer needs.

  • Data Governance

  • Reports & Dashboard

  • Operation Analysis

  • Opportunity Identification

Omnichannel Convergence

We provide omnichannel payment solutions to aggregate all major local payment channels to help our clients enhance their customers' experience and choose the best payment channel through business perspective.

  • Omnichannel Integration

  • Channel Routing

  • Channel Management

channel convergance 1.jpg
invoice management 1.jpg

Invoice Management System

Different countries and regions have their unique practice to handle invoice and deal with tax bureau. Our invoice management system solutions help clients manage invoice (Fapiao) and improve invoice management operational efficiency in China.

  • Invoice Management Platform

  • Invoice Operation Service

Information Service

We provide financial sectors and large enterprises with platform-based solutions for financial and business information through  three-in-one network in China and over 200 overseas operator channels, and customize and develop solutions for better user information interaction.

  • China and Overseas Carrier SMS Notification

  • Information System Platform

  • Customized User Interface Development

  • 5G & RCS message 

Startup Development Team

Loyalty Program

We provide loyalty programs for our clients and their merchants to retain their consumers, improve user experience, and enhance consumer loyalty.

  • Membership point platform

  • E-coupon platform

  • Membership promotions

System Maintenance

We help our customers maintain their systems and support regular system update and maintenance to make sure that the systems are robust and up-to-date.

System maint.jpg

Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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