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Risk Management & Compliance

We help clients develop comprehensive risk management solution and compliance strategy meeting the local regulatory requirements.


Our Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions help clients identify the qualities of customers and merchants, while alarming the risk applicants through our certified multichannel database. Meanwhile, we help achieve automated operating efficiency, high security requirements, and a better customer experience.

Identity Verification

Credit Report

Login Authentication

AML & Anti-Fraud

Through analyzing the customers’ and merchants’ profile and behaviour, we can quickly identify risks and suspicious transactions to prevent various frauds and financial violations.

Strategy Development

Due Diligence

Privacy Protection

Report/Documents Management

Risk Management

Through big data and machine learning technologies, we have developed the most applicable industry models to identify various risk characteristics and classify different risk levels in order to make appropriate decision.

Risk Identification

Risk Assessment

Risk Control Modelling

Decision Making Engine


Through our decades experience dealing with the compliance and regulatory departments in China,we are able to help clients develop the most practical compliance solutions, while adapting to and meeting the latest compliance requirements by tracking and studying the real time regulatory policy changes.

Regulatory Policies & Requirements

Compliance Strategy Execution

Compliance Reporting Management

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