Consulting Services

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Market Research

We provide various market research to help clients understand the complex and dynamic regional payments market before they make important business decisions. Our market research includes, but not limited to, go to market strategy, competitive landscape analysis, consumer behaviour research, market intelligence integration, a full range of industry information monitoring, and other relevant and comprehensive reports.

System Strategy

According to the clients’ business nature and strategy, we help conduct feasibility analysis for the localization of clients' products and systems, offer advice and solutions on system architecture design, provide support for the implementation of systems that are compliant to local compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Compliance Strategy

The compliance strategy enables clients to expand their business in local markets with lower risk exposure and higher confidence. Through risk audit of current system, risk control strategy based on the regional compliance and regulatory requirements, and compliance implementation support, we help our clients reduce negative impact brought by potential compliance violations.

Government Relations

We help clients build connection with local government and regulatory departments, provide advice on the approval procedures, maintain good relations with the government and regulatory agencies, and facilitate business development support from government and regulator bodies.

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